15 New Things at BarterPays!

1. Updated, interactive Website: The BarterPays.biz website covers accounting, Directory, online authorizations, classifieds, shopping online, paying by Credit Card, and so much more! Navigation Bar on the .biz website: Click on the Member Info on the BarterPays.biz section for online member-only literature and news.

2. You can now record your sales online at BarterPays.biz. (You do not have to be a registered user to do authorizations online.) You may continue using the 24-hour phone auto system and live help during business hours.

3. Your Account now has five numbers.

  • Use all FIVE numbers as the Seller.

  • Use the new member cards, and use all SEVEN numbers as the Buyer.

  • Diners/Plus cards have the same card and numbers.

4. Credit card processing. You can sign up for automatic credit card processing or pay each month on our website BarterPays.biz.

5. Gold accounts: Overdraft will only work during business hours due to changes on the online system. We apologize for the inconvenience.

6. Password: You will need to re-register at BarterPays.biz to have member access. If you do not want all your cardholders to have access of your accounting (such as your children), just let us know and we can block that section of access on select cardholders.

7. Price changes will NOT affect current members. Our prices and fees are posted online now, and some fees have increased, although our fee structure remains lower than any other barter network that we know of. All members in current standing will retain their low rate of 10% or less for non-premium purchases.

8. All forms are online. You can add dollars to an existing Diners/Plus cardholder online.

9. Barter slips are optional. We believe most restarants and retail stores will continue using our new two-part barter slips, but they do not have to mail them to BarterPays! for recordkeeping. The Seller and Buyer are responsible to hold onto the barter slips. Other business categories can record the authorization numbers using their own recordkeeping methods. If you want the new barter slips, just let us know.

10. We are not mailing out Statements beginning with the June 1 Statement. You will be able to access your Statement online. If you are not registered, we will email you a PDF file of your monthly statement. We recommend you print out your statement to have a hard copy, as the system will not save your statements indefinitely.

11. New Member Rules, Terms and Conditions. We have done some updates to reflect the new ways we process authorizations and disseminate information. You will need to agree to these Rules before you can access the members-only website.

12. BarterPays.com has been updated for Prospective Members: We are so excited to reveal the all-new website for businesses who need to learn more about BarterPays!. It’s a whole lot easier to navigate, and filled with more info than ever on how to join and what to expect when you are a member. And it’s really pretty, too. 🙂 Please send prospective members to this website to check it out.

13. New Girl on the Block. We have just hired a new full-time barter gal to handle new business development in the Hudson County and Mercer County areas. She is more familiar than most with barter, as she grew up in the industry. She was actually the first employee of BarterPays! as she answered the phone at age 10 when BarterPays! started as a home-based business. Please welcome my daughter, Lisa Vitale, who is now at BarterPays! (again!). We are calling her Lisa V. to distinguish her from broker Lisa. Your referrals to her is the best way you can welcome her back. 🙂

14. BarterGals have new email addresses… you can reach each of us at our first.lastname@barterpays.com (yeah! no E).

15. New updated logo… we will be incorporating our fresh-faced logo in much of our new online marketing. The purple swoosh reminds us that “What goes ‘round… comes ‘round!”

16. One thing has not changed… our vision to be the best barter exchange in New Jersey. For twenty years our main desire was to be the best barter network. We never tried to be the biggest, or have the most members. We just wanted to have the best members, and I am so proud of the fantastic businesses who participate with quality and integrity, trading in the BarterPays! system every single day. Thank you for trading with us.

We hope you enjoy the new updates.

Warmly,Faye and all the barter gals