The good and bad of living through a pandemic


My birthday is mid-March, and it’s been exactly one year since the pandemic gripped our nation. Over the last 12 months I’ve made some observations about me and my world during crisis.

  1. It is better to be an introvert during a pandemic. I often joke that I would love to return in my next life as an extrovert. I dream of doing public speaking and chatting it up confidently in a roomful of strangers.
    During a pandemic, however, introverts have the clear advantage. During a pandemic, it is socially acceptable to stay home!

  2. It is a lot more fun running a business when you are making money. This last 12 months was rough financially for my business, as it might have been for your business, too. I love BarterPays!, but running a business when you are profitable adds joy to it, without a doubt! Some days were a struggle to remain positive.

  3. Running a business is more rewarding when you see your colleagues regularly. I miss not doing business in person with the barter gals. I didn’t realize how much I love my work BECAUSE of the amazing love I have for them.

  4. I realize that most of us were a little … or a lot… stressed or depressed. Restaurant owners scrambling to reinvent themselves. Construction industries seeking labor and materials. Parents home schooling. Parents working from home without childcare. Unemployed. Businesses that could not reopen. Fearful healthcare and essential workers showing up at work in spite of pandemic conditions. So many struggling financially and emotionally and with health issues of their own or their family and friends. Dealing with not being able to see family, especially in their darkest hours. Stress and depression was common for many. 

  5. I am thankful for technology. If we have to have a pandemic, having it with Facetime and Zoom allowed many to stay in touch with family members. And thankful for great IT vendors who guided us and allowed us to work remotely very easily.

  6. I’ve always been curious about different occupations and business operations, since I was young. But I have learned that no-one has an easy journey running a business, and there is no easy business to run.

  7. Thankful for member support. At the start of the pandemic I thought everyone could stop accepting barter. I feared the worst-case scenario. Besides that most of our member businesses have survived, very, very, very few have left the Network. And the words of encouragement and their supportive actions have kept the office motivated to keep plugging away.

  8. It was a good time to let my daughter Lisa take more of the lead. We are truly a team effort, but she was strong when I was not. She kept moving forward, when I didn’t know which way to go. And we used this time to redo our website and other projects we had put on the back burner. We tried to use this time wisely.

  9. Thank goodness I didn’t have a crystal ball. Recently our SBA PPP loan was put on hold. The reason? They have me classified as deceased. Frustrating and concerned we won’t get our loan money, but also the universe’s reminding me of all my blessings. I am still very much alive and well.

Happy birthday to me on the one-year anniversary of pandemic in USA. I thank you all for being part of this journey. I wish you all good health, prosperity and joy. xo

Love, Faye