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BarterPays!® in the News! Jersey Shore's Monmouth-Ocean County Barter Leader for 25+ Years. We Bring Shore Businesses Together!
Asbury Park Press. April 9, 2018.


Patty Levey-Cunningham
Abracadabra Cleaning

What do you like about being a member?
During down times we can always count on a BarterPays! referral. We get free advertising through BarterPays! mailings and e-mails. When we need to purchase something we always check with our broker first. And we love the ability to purchase goods and/or services without draining our cash savings.

How has barter benefitted your business?
It’s great advertising: word-of-mouth from other BarterPays! members to their friends, neighbors, etc. which leads to “cash” customers.

Have you used barter to market your business?
Absolutely and successfully! We only pay for advertising with BarterPays! dollars.

Do you use barter for employee incentives, gifts or staff parties?
We shop at BarterPays! for our holiday gifts: great chocolate gifts, candles, gourmet baskets,  etc.

Have you used BarterPays! for a special event or celebration?
We used BarterPays! for our wedding in 2007 and for our fifteen-year business anniversary event in 2009…. Planning our twenty-year business bash already.

Have the gals in the office been of benefit/assistance to your business/home life?
They are so helpful whenever we need something   Our broker, Lisa, even listened patiently when Jim had a complaint about a customer. Thanks for letting me vent; you’re the best!

What´s the best story you can share with us about your participation in our Network?
I’m not sure if you want to put this in, but We will forever be thankful to Faye when she let us overdraw our BarterPays! account to pay for Jim’s extensive dental work!

Have you gotten any new customers on BarterPays!?

What year did you join BarterPays!?

What have you purchased for your family over the last couple of years?
Ceiling Fan installation
Electric garage door opener
Limousine ride to and around NY City
Limousine ride to/from airports
Catering for party
Tent, tables and chairs for party
DJ for entertaining
Great Dentist/Dental work
Fun evening cruise with friends on the Toms River
Family get-togethers in great restaurants
Car maintenance
Pool maintenance
Embroidered Apparel
Flower arrangements
Gift Baskets
Chocolate covered pretzels