Age-Old Barter System Benefits Young Entrepreneurs

Many of today’s small business owners will tell you they were business-savvy from a young age. Some kids ran lemonade stands, others shoveled neighbors’ snowy driveways. One of the most successful women I know started out selling homemade milkshakes at age 8. She calculated costs ($.75 a shake), created a company name (Susie’s Sweet Shakes), and developed a sales strategy (door-to door, delivered with a smile).

Young entrepreneurs today face many more challenges than they did at age 8, though. They lack resources and are in a competitive marketplace. One way young entrepreneurs can get ahead is by joining a local barter exchange, like BarterPays! in Howell.

Members of local barter organizations spend barter dollars, instead of cash, on purchases made throughout the Network. By joining a barter exchange, you’ll increase your sales while making purchases without touching limited cash reserves. While the system is useful for companies at any stage, young business owners are finding the program especially beneficial. One young BarterPays! member, a magazine publisher in Hoboken, has found bartering very valuable. He was even able to barter a much-needed vacation by selling advertising to other members.

Members of a barter exchange reach a steady flow of new potential customers. BarterPays! members would rather trade with another member than pay cash at a similar business outside of the Network, providing members with a major competitive edge. Network bartering is a great strategy for new entrepreneurs who may lack the capital but not the spirit to succeed.

Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly teach a new dog old tricks! Young entrepreneurs embracing the age-old system of barter is proof!

BarterPays! is currently offering a discounted membership program for young entrepreneurs with no monthly fees for one year. For more information about BarterPays! or to apply for membership, please call 732-364-4614, email, or visit to join.