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Asbury Park Press. April 9, 2018.

Authorize A Sale

Transaction Processing: Use the online system on www.BarterPays.biz or call the BarterPays! office during business hours for live help.

Authorize a Sale Now

The Seller is responsible for calling in his/her own sales.

  1. Enter the Buyer’s seven-digit account number (the main account number is five-digits,  plus the two-digit individual for a Member; seven digits for a non-member Diners/Plus card).

  2. Then enter your five-digit Seller’s account number.

  3. Enter the amount of transaction including cents.

  4. Add an optional description line.

  5. Wait for your authorization number. If the Member gets declined, you may call the BarterPays! office during business hours at (732) 364-4614 to see if we can override the barter purchase, or you may get a credit card for backup payment.

  6. Optional: You may use the supplied BarterPays! two-part Transaction Form to record the transaction. The Seller and Buyer each retain a copy for their records. You can also record the authorization number on a contract, receipt, etc.

  7. The barter dollars will be available to the Seller’s account the following morning after we update. BarterPays! reserves the right to withhold barter dollars for work not yet completed.

  8. Call a barter rep during business hours to process a refund or credit adjustment.

Authorize a Sale Now