Barter New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year, BarterPays! members and not-yet businesses. Here’s the barter checklist of 2018 resolutions to increase your business growth, while saving your cash, and getting a barter angel halo or barter fairy godmother wand!

1) I use barter to reduce business expenditures: It’s great that I can barter coffee service, water delivery, IT consultants, office cleaning, sales and business training, CPAs, bookkeeping and payroll services, office services including pest control, office cleaning, pressure washing, business attorneys, entertainment, sales incentives, client gifts, airport transport, limos, party planning.

2) I use barter to grow my business: I increase my marketing and advertising efforts using barter dollars, and invest in my company. With BarterPays! there are hundreds of media options, as well as top website development companies, in addition to printing, signage and graphic design, video and photography, advertising specialties.

3) I use barter to enhance my personal life: Extra barter revenue pays for my dry cleaning, hairstyles, and my kids’ braces. It can pay for some liposuction if I can’t get rid of those stubborn love handles. It can pay for my child’s first birthday, day camp, and even my wedding day. It pays for regrouting the bathroom, ridding my home of bugs or mice (Eeek!), selling my home through MLS, a new chandelier and an electrician to hang it, or new tile or hardwood installation. It can pay for my anniversary jewelry gift, flowers, and a limo to the City.

4) I use barter, as I’m so grateful for all I have. BarterPays! dollars allow me to be more generous with charities and those I love, and share my blessings. I know barter is there if I need to help a family member, or an employee is struggling financially or legally. Whether it’s to help my church or temple cut the lawn or buy party goods, or help an employee with an immigration issue, or help my kids buy a bed for their first apartment, barter allows me to share, and be a barter fairy godmother.

5) I spread the good word about BarterPays!. BarterPays! is in its 25th year of business! BarterPays! helps me grow my client base, and I am happy to share this business network with other business owners. And the referral bonus of $100-500 is nice, too!

6) I join the BarterPays! Gold loyalty program. It’s free to join, and I get big savings each month, and on each transaction when purchasing.

7) 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so I know I’m protected! BarterPays! is the longest-running barter exchange at the Jersey Shore, with lower commission rates than other barter exchanges, no fees on sales like most other barter exchanges, and no signup fee! The Jersey Shore’s leading barter network has more members, more services, and more to offer, than any other barter network! BarterPays! guarantees its strong barter dollar. BarterPays! has been around for 25 years… and that means they have a powerhouse network of opportunities on where to spend.  

8) I participate in BarterPays! in 2018 because I want more customers in 2018. ‘Nuf said.

Happy New Year from Faye and all the barter gals.