BarterPays! Five Most-Frequently Asked Questions from New Members

So, now you are a new member of BarterPays! and you are excited and curious. What happens now? You will get your member account number and login instructions by email shortly after we process your membership application. Then your BarterPays! broker will call you with a personal introduction and answer your questions. Here’s what you probably will want to know as a new member.

1. How do members learn about my business? We promote you in many ways. You will appear in our daily eblast on a regular basis, emailed to 1,000 local member email addresses, with your directory ad listings that we create for you. We learn about your business, and then we promote you to the other members. The barter gals will call members on the phone and let them know about you. Your printed literature is displayed free-of-charge in our busy lobby, visited frequently by local business owners.

2. Can I get cash? Unless it is for tax, tip, insurance payment, and a few construction materials, in 99.9 percent of the time, the answer is no cash. Everything is 100% barter… pool chemicals, orthodontia, printing, glass and mirror, electricians, web development, auto repairs and parts, etc. When you sell you offer at 100% barter, and when you buy, you will be treated the same! Related to this, members often wonder if exclusions and restrictions are permitted: A lot of limitations makes for a stressful and difficult barter experience. For example, BarterPays! restaurants service members on weekends. There are some exchanges that permit part-cash deals and many limitations, but 100% barter makes your barter experience smooth and happy!

3. How do I know who is in the group? Where can I use the barter dollars? BarterPays! has an easy-access online barter software to check your account, review member directory, update your directory listings, and 24-hour online barter shopping at our Red Cellar barter boutique for designer handbags and watches, beach chairs and accessories, housewares, wool rugs, artwork, candles, and gifts. The barter gals are here during business hours to assist you as well in planning parties, recommending dentists and hair salons, working on your next marketing campaign, and updating your bathroom.

4. What if I don’t have enough barter to pay for my dental care or for my advertising budget? BarterPays! offers a free line-of-credit after 90 days. Ask the barter gals if you qualify.

5. How do I use barter at the [great BarterPays!] restaurants? New members are always excited to use their new revenue stream on food. Check the online member directory and figure out if you feel like eating sushi, burger, salad, Italian, steakhouse, pizza, deli, breakfast, and then choose your restaurant. We recommend you make reservations and always say BarterPays!. After the bill comes, you whip out your barter card, and sign a barter transaction slip. The entire meal and drinks are 100% barter. The tip and tax is paid in US funds. BarterPays! has more restaurants that accept barter conveniently through a member card than any other barter exchange in New Jersey.

If you have more questions before you become a member of BarterPays!, please contact Faye at 732-364-4614;