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Asbury Park Press. April 9, 2018.


Tony Baumer, Owner
BD Movers

What do you like about being a member?
It is very easy for me and my customers to find each other through the BarterPays! Network.

What have you purchased for your family over the last couple of years?
I’ve purchased inground sprinklers, car repairs, catering, restaurants, limousine service, advertising, and more.

How has barter benefitted your business?
It has extended my reach to new customers; generally those hiring me through BarterPays!, would not have known or considered my company.

Have you used barter to market your business?
Yes, we use weekly news advertising to promote/advertise BD Movers throughout Ocean County to cash prospects.

Do you use barter for employee incentives, gifts or staff parties?
I used BarterPays! for an employee who needed car repairs. A perk he didn’t expect, and greatly appreciated by him and his family.

Have you used BarterPays! for a special event or celebration?
We used catering at our holiday party. Our BarterPays! Caterer was outstanding! Everyone wanted their number for their next party. Another time we used a limo service through BarterPays! to send my daughter and her wedding party to NYC for dress fittings and dinner; did I look like a great dad that day!

Have the gals in the office been of benefit/assistance to your business/home life?
They are great!