Roses are red, violets are blue, AI wrote a BarterPays! poem for you!

Have you tried ChatGPT/AI yet? It’s a hoot! Here’s our first BarterPays! poem, with just a few minor edits from the barter gals. Pretty impressive, yes? You should try it, too!
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Come join the BarterPays! community,

A world of trade and endless opportunity.

With goods and services to share and give,

A vibrant community, it’s where you live.

From town to town, and shore to shore,

BarterPays! is the place to explore.

A platform for trade, with no cash to pay,

Just goods and services to barter today.

The community’s strong, and ever-growing,

A family of trade, a passion that’s showing.

From the Barter Gals to the New Jersey shore,

BarterPays! has trade skills galore.

So don’t wait, come join the fray,

On BarterPays!, every trade’s a new day.