“Can I tell you how much I love Country Roads?”

When a new member enrolls online, the Membership Director and I will often chat about it right away on text… 1) Do we have all the info to process the application? 2) Did we work on this, or was it a member referral, or a surprise signup? 3) Did the kids sleep well last night?

OK, the last comment is because the Membership Director is my daughter. But anyway, when a new plumber joined online today, the first thing Membership Director Lisa said was, “Can I tell you how much I love Country Roads!” Yes, Camp Director and Owner Katrina has graciously referred us to another top business in the area. She knows a zillion folks, and prides herself in doing business with the best. So her referrals prove to be amazing. And we so appreciate that she thinks of BarterPays! when she meets and works with a local business in our area. So thanks again, Country Roads Day Camp. We love having you in the BarterPays! Network. And our members love that their kids can attend this amazing camp on barter!

Happy Trading! Best, Faye

PS: Country Roads is accepting new campers:www.countryroadsdaycamp.com

PPS: Members: we value, appreciate and welcome your referrals: info@barterpays.com. Thank you!