Gold Discount Program

Why should I join the Gold Exclusive Discount Program?

The rates are lower, and you get other perks, freebies and benefits throughout the year.

Who qualifies for Gold Exclusive benefits, discounts and privileges?

Any business who chooses BarterPays! as its Exclusive Representative in the barter industry qualifies for the lowest rates and benefits, although we do not offer this discount program to most B2B companies, such as advertising and web development. BarterPays! will determine your annual discount rate, primarily based on the prior year’s sales volume and recent performance. Members who do not pay monthly service fees do not qualify for broker’s fee discount rates.

Can I qualify for Gold if I’m in another barter group?

If you have participated in other barter groups, contact BarterPays! on how to qualify for the lowest rates.

Monthly fees and rate savings:

Monthly fees are half the cash amount when you are a Gold member. The broker’s fee is on a sliding discount scale, based on your sales volume and activity.

Discounts and benefits will be adjusted:

BarterPays! reviews Member’s activity regularly and the discount rate fluctuates, based on sales and performance. Large-volume traders will receive significantly lower rates.

Member with past due fees, and/or overdrawn credit line by more than ten percent, temporarily lose their discount rate and overdraft protection. If you join another barter exchange, you no longer qualify for discount rates. Inactive, on-hold or terminating members do not qualify for any discounts.