Do you no longer need print advertising?

Happy new year, business-owners. January is often the month we begin new ideas and implement changes in our companies. BarterPays! is a marketing company, so we are always excited to start the new year promoting our newest advertising offerings to our membership. However, over the last several months, many members have advised us they are ceasing all print advertising altogether.

Hold that thought. Before you cut off your marketing budget, please consider the following:

1)      Get a website. OK, you think I’m kidding, right? We have members with no website presence. If you don’t have a website yet, or you have a large corporation running your website and paying an ongoing cash monthly service fee and don’t own it outright, there are a lot of easy ways to take control of your marketing destiny in 2014, with improvements you can make using local barter members to build and manage your website. Plus BarterPays! has more website designers than ever before, and they are good!

2)     You have met #1’s criteria: you have a website. It is OK if it’s a simple website, depending on the type of company you operate. But if you are putting all your marketing efforts into only online marketing, this thing better have all the bells and whistles and designer features the big companies have. (And, I don’t mean spinning flowers and music!) If your website isn’t top-notch, with every link in its place, and every area designed clearly, well-written and thought out, and you are not doing anything else to build your business, including in-person networking, local advertising, social media contacts, you are showing the world you aren’t really that interested in getting new business… or serving your current customer base.

3)     You have the website, but not sure how to handle the social media. You have a Facebook page, but on January 1, it still says “Have a safe Fourth of July” and can’t get beyond 8 friends. Contact us for members who will build your group of Facebook friends and fans with their own personal contact lists and will keep your page/profile updated and fresh.

4)     OK, you do have a fantastic website, but you sell a product that is extremely common, and thousands of names come up when people do a search. If you want to be at the top of the search, you  will need to do more. Contact the barter gals for referrals who can help you with Google searches, and recommend other ways to market your company, too.

5)     You also need to be sure your website is mobile friendly, as more and more searches are happening on a phone or tablet.

6)     Think everyone is only using online websites to get to your business? Think again! The big companies do not depend only on online marketing, and the strongest local businesses use print and radio advertising on a consistent basis to reach their market audience! Let’s face it… Macy’s is still advertising on lots of media outlets and so is Appleby’s. You may eventually visit their website and buy a new shirt or check out their new winter menu, but you got there because you saw their newspaper or radio ad.

Don’t put all your marketing eggs in one basket, or pull out all your marketing opportunities with the expectation that everyone is going to run to your website to buy from you and learn about you. We recommend you make this your top barter spending goal in 2014! Use your barter dollars to build your cash business.

7)     And finally, print advertising is always the lowest commission rate… and actually, totally free, if you are in the market-for-free program. Call the barter gals now for referrals, or if you are not yet a member, call us at 732-364-4614 and we can give you 90 days to try us out!