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BarterPays!® in the News! Jersey Shore's Monmouth-Ocean County Barter Leader for 25+ Years. We Bring Shore Businesses Together!
Asbury Park Press. April 9, 2018.


Stanley Goldstein
Gold Protective Services

What do you like about being a member? 
Everything! BarterPays! has the best members, best brokers, best pricing.

What have you purchased for your family over the last couple of years?
Everything! New kitchen, asphalt, pool repair, landscaping, advertising, jewelry, eye glasses, chiropractor, exterior house painted, and much, much, more.

How has barter benefitted your business?
New customers! Both barter sales and cash referrals from satisfied barter members.

Have you used barter to market your business?
All our advertising is done on BarterPays!. If someone calls and tries to sell us advertising, we refer them to the BarterPays!’ office.

Do you use barter for employee incentives, gifts or staff parties?
Christmas parties, BBQ’s, chiropractors, dinner cards; our people love BarterPays!.

Have you used BarterPays! for a special event or celebration?
For my son’s Bar Mitzvah we had balloons, flowers and invitations, all on BarterPays!, and all top quality.

Have the gals in the office been of benefit/assistance to your business/home life?
The Best!

What´s the best story you can share with us about your participation in our Network?
We have a BarterPays! client who’s trucks were repeatedly broken into and robbed. They couldn’t catch the parasite because they couldn’t get a good clear picture of the license plate with the old camera system. We showed them a new camera system that reflects invisible infra red light and will illuminate the reflective paint in license plates. We installed the system. BANG!… got them. The police told the client that they never saw such a state-of-the-art system before and would never have apprehended the culprit without the camera’s help. Happy ending. Happy client.

How much sales revenue on barter do you average per year?

Have you gotten any new customers on BarterPays!?
Tons! We price our work the same as cash, (what you put out is what you get back). People like our cost-effective service, especially when paying on BarterPays!.

What year did you join BarterPays!?