Grateful, and ready to build a great new year!


So many exciting things to look forward to in 2020. BarterPays!® had a really booming and bright 2019… we beat our monthly and annual sales volume, thanks to a great economy and amazing members and a hard-working staff. We haven’t had numbers like this sinceSuperstorm Sandy in 2012! Thank you for allowing us to market your company and being part of our success.

I want to congratulate Leah LaMannaon her promotion to Director of Brokering. She is now overseeing the trading.That means if you want more customers, or need marketing expertise, Leah is the gal to speak with.

I want to do a big thank you to Lisa Kulka and her beautiful energy in nurturing the barter family for 24 years. She has retired! She will be missed!

Just learned that Lisa Vitale will be returning from maternity leave in February. As her mom, I wish Lisa could stay home with my grandchildren, but as the barter director, I am relieved theDirector of Business Development will be back soon signing up even more local businesses, and being our voice at public speaking engagements.

Many new signups in the last quarter were referrals from other members. (THANK YOU!!!) And many joined in response to the heavy amount of press we recently received. (Much of our recent press coverage was FREE.) We get these opportunities due to our heavy social media efforts, as well as our chamber of commerce connections, and choice advertising. We can offer you the same… ask us to help you market your company now.

Thank you to all members for your great energy and enthusiasm that makes the originalBarterPays!® the #1 Monmouth-Ocean county barter network for 25-plus years, with 800 active members, and over 2,500 New Jersey barter cardholders!

If you are not yet a member, what are you waiting for? We have new business to refer to you!It’s FREE to join!;

Have a great and prosperous 2020! New Jersey business owners: we are here to help you build your best 2020 vision.

Best, Faye