We are all impacted by COVID-19. The barter gals remain here for you, wishing you health, safety, and strength during this challenging time. We are all in this together.

BarterPays!® in the News! Jersey Shore's Monmouth-Ocean County Barter Leader for 25+ Years. We Bring Shore Businesses Together!
Asbury Park Press. April 9, 2018.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Anytime!

BarterPays! offers a lifetime guarantee to every BarterPays! member. Members can exchange their barter dollars for other local established currencies at any time if you do not agree that we have more active members, and more products and services at 100% barter, than any other barter exchange in New Jersey. Small transaction fee is charged on transfer. We’re the only barter exchange to offer this guarantee of complete satisfaction.

No risk, because it’s free to join.

Try us out. We do not charge an initiation fee so there is no cost to get started. And there are no monthly service fees until your first transaction! There is no risk whatsoever to see if BarterPays! works for your company.