How are you feeling today?


I hope you are all doing OK today. Many days, since the start of the pandemic, I start the member newsflash this way. I also start my morning ritual this way, too, by texting my family to see how they are doing and feeling.

It reminds me of the scene in the musical Rent, when they are at the support meeting, and they ask how are they feeling today. It’s kind of like that now… how will this go? Will I survive? We all feel things differently… different pains and struggles, yet all the same. We are all in this together.

Here’s the link in case you now want to hear this Rent musical number

We are here for you, and we thank you for also lending your support and encouragement and love to us as well. We are truly all in this together. We want to give you strength and encouragement during this difficult time, and so many have provided us the same comfort and love. I am blessed for this beautiful support from our barter family. We all benefit from our amazing business community.

We have heard that a barter economy is best during times of downturn. Our experience, after dealing with 9-11 and Superstorm Sandy, is that our business community will survive and thrive into the future. So lean on barter members, and switch your everyday expenses now, to protect cash reserves and adjust to the reduced cash flow. And if you are not currently a member, you can signup and join for free. Call us for information at 732-730-0181, or signup online at

We are praying for everyone to survive the pandemic, healthwise and economically. We also wish the best to your loved ones and your workers, to make it through this crisis.

Stay well, our Jersey Shore business community.

We are all in this together.

THANK YOU, ESSENTIAL WORKERS!! Our brave medical field, first responders, delivery persons, cashiers, supermarket workers, drugstore employees, and truckers, who are on the front lines. You are brave warriors, and we appreciate and are grateful for all you do.

Love, Faye