How to Resurrect a Relationship with a Lost Account

There is a huge amount of time and effort and expense to attain a new account. And it’s heartbreaking and hits your business hard when you lose it. Many times they stopped working with you because they can no longer afford your services, or they have switched to a competitor.

It costs a lot of money to attain a new account, and it pays to consider creative ways to get them back.

Review your records and determine which old accounts would still be valuable to you. If you had a good relationship in the past, contact them by making them an offer… introduce them to BarterPays!, where they can resume relations with your business, but pay you in barter dollars.

This is a win-win relationship for both of you. It gives you a fresh approach to regain this prior account, adds new excitement and energy to the renewed connection, and continues to ensure more loyalty to your company in the future. Your accounts will likely appreciate and value the opportunity to continue doing business with you with barter dollars.

Try it! We guarantee you will successfully resurrect some past accounts.