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Asbury Park Press. April 9, 2018.


Christine Stilton, Publisher
JTOWN Magazine

What do you like about being a member?
We love the ability to lower our monthly expenses by using barter! We appreciate all of the contacts we have made through barter!

What have you purchased for your family over the last couple of years?
Landscaping, irrigation, catering, flowers, preschool, summer camp, patio furniture, timeshares, hair care, electrician, you name it!

How has barter benefitted your business?
It gives us more visibility in the business community, and it has given us more opportunities to establish relationships based on Barter that we might not have had.

Have you used barter to market your business?
Word-of-mouth through our barter clients with their clients has not only given us more barter opportunities, but more cash opportunities.

Do you use barter for employee incentives, gifts or staff parties?
All of the above!

Have you used BarterPays! for a special event or celebration?
Yes, we had our daughters communion party on barter. We use Barter pays for catering, cakes, party supplies, etc.

Have the gals in the office been of benefit/assistance to your business/home life?
[Husband Phil Stilton responds:] Yes, Faye and Lisa always steer us in the right direction. Just last weekend on advice from Lisa, I bought my wife a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day which would have cost me over $100 in cash!

What´s the best story you can share with us about your participation in our Network?
Just last summer, worked with Central Jersey Pools. They advertised in our publication through barter, and we hired them to do much-needed work done with our pool, and even bought a new patio set and gazebo. All on 100% Barter.

How much sales revenue on barter do you average per year?
Up to 60K/year!

Have you gotten any new customers on BarterPays!?
Yes, we regularly get new customers from BarterPays!.

What year did you join BarterPays!?