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BarterPays!® in the News! Jersey Shore's Monmouth-Ocean County Barter Leader for 25+ Years. We Bring Shore Businesses Together!
Asbury Park Press. April 9, 2018.

New Jersey businesses: Let us show you that barter pays!

Welcome to the BarterPays! family of traders, where member businesses increase sales and save cash! Since 1993, BarterPays! has marketed thousands of local New Jersey businesses to increase sales, build customer loyalty, tap into new markets, while conserving cash flow – all by bartering goods and services in the BarterPays! membership network. We’re the leading barter exchange in New Jersey – and we guarantee it! Allow us to serve your company, too!

What is a Barter Network?
A barter network (also known as a barter or trade exchange) is a business network where companies buy and sell without paying cash/credit card. The BarterPays! Network shares similar characteristics with a bank, chamber of commerce and a marketing agency. Combining these elements makes BarterPays! a very powerful and innovative way to market your business. Being part of the Network allows you a low-cost way to get new business and buy things at your own cost of doing business. And it’s a way to meet and network with other business owners in a warm and friendly environment. Plus, a trade exchange eliminates the restrictions of one-on-one trading where each business must want what the other has to offer.


A Barter Transaction is Easy
Purchasing goods and services through the BarterPays! Network is simple. During a typical transaction, a buyer presents his BarterPays! account card and pays with BarterPays! barter dollars, the BarterPays! unit of exchange. Sales tax and gratuity, if any, are paid in U.S. funds.