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Asbury Park Press. April 9, 2018.


Amanda Puppo
Market Reach Telemarketing

What do you like about being a member?
As a newly-married couple trying to save for a house, bartering the wedding was really important. Now that we finally have a house, we have been able to barter many items covered below, and sometimes barter is used as “fun” money on items that I would otherwise not spend cash. For example: massages, bed and breakfast, and murder mystery to name a few.

What´s the best story you can share with us about your participation in our Network?
Bartering $11k for the wedding. Each vendor was exceptional.

What have you purchased on barter for your family over the last couple of years?
Carpet cleaning, locksmith, gutter cleaning and gutter covers, pool opening and supplies/chemicals, pest control, house inspection, real estate attorney, dry cleaning, car repair, gift items, plants, Mother´s Day at member restaurant for 14 of us, theme park tickets, and mortgage points to lower our interest! Did I mention that for our wedding we bartered the flowers, photography, desserts, cosmetics, DJ, limo drive to our honeymoon, and my wedding dress and dress tailoring!

How much sales revenue on barter do you average per year?

Have the gals in the office been of benefit/assistance to your business/home life?

How has barter benefitted your business?
Offered unique ways to operate and grow my business with such things as a chocolate telephone for a trade show giveaway, promotional items, Quickbooks bank reconciliation, brochures, office furniture and transportation, taking clients and employees out to dinner near our office, and holiday parties!

Have you used barter to market your business?
Yes, I participated with a booth in business-to-business trade shows several times a year, which has yielded me several cash-paying clients. I also give away chocolate “feet” (“We help you get your foot in the door!”) to prospects.