Media Program

BarterPays! Media Program


Member agrees to the following terms in the Media program:

Member agrees to pay a 25% broker’s fee on purchases in barter in lieu of Full Membership cash rate when account has a positive trade balance for purchases of non-Premium member services. Broker’s fee will be billed at 12% in US Funds on purchases made when carrying a negative trade balance, or if the account does not have enough to cover the broker’s fee in trade. Member will be charged an additional fee of 10% US on all Premium purchases.

Member will be charged monthly service fee in trade when carrying a positive trade balance and is a member in current standing. Otherwise, will be billed in US Funds. Media accounts must charge fair “cash” prices to all clients, similar to prices listed on the bottom (low end) of the published rate sheet; not the top “rack” rate.

BarterPays! reserves the right to revoke Media program privileges for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to the following: low sales, refusing barter sales, unfair trading practices. When Media program privileges are revoked, Member’s account shall revert to the Full Membership rates.

This is a Rider to your Membership Application.