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BarterPays!® in the News! Jersey Shore's Monmouth-Ocean County Barter Leader for 25+ Years. We Bring Shore Businesses Together!
Asbury Park Press. April 9, 2018.

New Customers!

Joining the BarterPays!® Network creates a steady flow of potential customers. You’ll reach previously untapped sources of new business without a larger sales force. These are potential customers who will be extremely receptive to trading with you. BarterPays!® members prefer to find a business within the trading network, instead of paying cash to a similar business outside of the Network. This gives you a definite edge over your competitors.

Members of the BarterPays! barter exchange use barter dollars, instead of cash, to handle their transactions. When you buy goods and services in BarterPays!®, you will acquire new clients and valuable commodities.

Networking brings you business
The BarterPays!® Network expands your customer base via networking. Plus your new barter customers will generate cash referrals through word-of-mouth recommendations.

No-interest credit lines!
BarterPays!® encourages businesses to apply for a no-interest, barter line of credit, that can be used to purchase advertising, marketing, party planning, healthcare, and more. You pay back the barter exchange with the new business BarterPays!® sends you!

An alternate distribution system
BarterPays! provides you with an alternate distribution network. You can charge retail value for goods and services in trade dollars, instead of selling them for reduced rates in cash or having them go unsold. BarterPays!® members are willing to travel farther to purchase commodities within the exchange. You’ll gain a new and larger customer base without discounting your prices. By increasing your trading customer base and buying advertising and marketing with barter dollars, it is likely you will increase your cash-paying customer base as well.


Aggressive marketing!    

  • Our brokers become part of your sales force. Our brokers (your barter representative) phone member businesses that regularly purchase your type of products or services and facilitate an introduction.
  • We send email blasts where we sell your products and promote your services.
  • We host free members-only networking events..
  • We provide regional and national exposure to businesses through our reciprocal trading relationships with barter exchanges nationwide. 

Easy record-keeping

A barter exchange acts as a third-party record-keeper, with your barter transactions available for access 24 hours a day on our state-of-the-art barter software.
Live Reps who answer the phone and know YOU!
Every member has his/her own barter representative (your broker) to facilitate trades. She will promote your company to the other members of the Network, guide you in selecting purchases, help in planning events, and handle customer service concerns.

Your broker will refer different business offerings for you, recommending where to have a holiday party, suggesting the best locations for car repair, printing, advertising, day camp, etc. She is your personal assistant: booking airport transportation, ordering flowers and baskets, shopping for jewelry and gifts, recommending medical and legal professionals, and planning vacations. She will call you regularly to find out what is new in your business – and to let you know what is new at BarterPays!®. We have a full-time, experienced office staff, and we are here to service you.