What’s the most unusual thing you barter?

I am often asked what the biggest or oddest barter deal BarterPays! has arranged. Over the last 20 years we have had many thrills and laughs over our deal-making. When a deal comes in that we have been working on for months, we do the “the barter dance.”

The deals that stand out in my mind most often have a big impact on someone’s life. We love planning family celebrations, including Sweet 16s and bar mitzvahs. Currently, we are planning an entire wedding on barter for a young woman who’s parents married at the same location 30 years earlier. This wedding will be paid on 100% barter, and her father is paying for it by servicing new clients, who he met through the BarterPays! Network.

One of my favorite deals was the simple installation of a fire monitoring system. The restaurant owner had her clothes dryer burn while she was at work. Thanks to the recent installation of the fire alarm paid with barter dollars, the damage was minimal. Another one of my favorite deals was the family who arranged for adoption of their blended families using legal services through BarterPays!.

The most bittersweet bartering we ever did was for a member who was fighting breast cancer. She got permanent makeup on her eyebrows and breasts, and lash extensions. She scheduled regular vitamin drips from a member doctor, and attended a fitness facility that specializes in clients with medical issues. She even was able to plan her own funeral using barter, purchasing the mausoleum and legal services.

Most of our trades are about everyday life. We help members barter for their child’s orthodontia, schedule a copier service call, or pay for an advertising program. Our biggest deals tend to be land- and construction-related. We have done several landscaping and irrigation transactions for day camps with large properties from $25,000 to $85,000.

Maybe our biggest barter laugh came from a member that sent me a thank you note saying his chiropractic adjustments on barter helped his sex life.

Faye Alba is the director of BarterPays!. For more information about membership:  732-364-4614 or email karen.leschak@barterpays.com or lisa.vitale@barterpays.com.