Shorely grateful for 30 years.

This Thanksgiving, we look back on 30 years of serving small businesses at the Jersey Shore. Thank you, NJ business owners, for joining us on this journey and for trusting us to market your companies! Thank you, barter family!

For 30 years, we have proudly served NJ business owners just like you. The original BarterPays! provides small business owners with a brilliant way to increase sales, and, at the same time, slash cash spending.

The barter gals are unstoppable when it comes to spreading the word about the advantages of network barter for NJ businesses. Even after 30 years, our enthusiasm for helping NJ businesses save cash and attract new customers remains as strong as ever.

What are BarterPays! members buying this holiday season? Corporate gift baskets, staff parties, corporate events, employee bonuses, family gatherings, gift certificates, gourmet chocolates, and holiday gifts! Why pay cash when you can barter it?

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