This Additional Revenue Stream Can Earn You $ In a Recession

Cash is king, but barter is queen. With recession looming, people across the tri-state area are turning to additional revenue streams, like barter, to keep afloat. In particular, local business owners are finding that barter saves cash and attracts new customers. Trading has become increasingly popular during times of economic uncertainty, when business owners need to think creatively to increase sales and improve cash flow. Whether in business for decades or just starting a side hustle, local business owners find barter to be an effective way to grow their companies while saving cash. Members of a barter network, like BarterPays!®, trade what they have for what they need in a round-robin style, providing a way to purchase valuable products and services for their business and personal lives. Members keep cash in their pocket while spending barter dollars on things like dental care, restaurant meals, employee incentives, vehicle maintenance, salons and spas, accounting, home improvement and more. Interest free credit lines are available, too, so members can purchase what they need now, and pay it back by making future sales.