We send you new customers when your business is slow!

I love the summer at the Jersey Shore, but I’ll admit, business is a little slower this time of year. There are probably times your company is slow, too, not operating at full capacity. That is where your BarterPays! membership will come in especially handy.

BarterPays! helps you sell your open time and excess inventory. We send you new customers.

Now I know what most of you are thinking. “I don’t need barter. It’s not going to pay my mortgage or taxes, is it?”A barter network is not going to replace your fixed costs, but it will help you save big on your extra costs to run your business… whether it’s IT/computer maintenance, sales training, pest control, printing, website development, promotional giveaways, vehicle repair and maintenance, electricians, lawncare, professional services of CPAs and legal counsel, or employee benefits, including dental and vision, you can use your barter membership to increase your sales while reducing business-related expenses.

The word “barter” may be confusing to some, because it is not a direct, one-on-one trade. Instead, you are exchanging your goods and services into a pool with other nearby professional businessowners in New Jersey, and then buying what YOU want and need in the network. You gain the competitive advantage because you are ensuring that you are grabbing additional marketshare from your competitors. BarterPays! sends you brand new clients.

Use your slow times to your advantage. Sign up for BarterPays! now, and we’ll get you new brand new customers!Use this code when you sign up online SLOWSUMMER, and we’ll give you a free* massage… plus a totally free signup!www.barterpays.com 732-364-4614

*You must make a barter sale to receive the free massage. Hurry, this offer ends on Labor Day weekend.

Best, Faye