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Asbury Park Press. April 9, 2018.


How much business will my business generate through the BarterPays! network?
Every member works with a BarterPays! representative (your broker) in our office. If your construction business is quiet in the winter, for example, we will market you to get your company extra business during the slower months. If you wish to create more demand for your products and services, we will give you extra promotion at no charge. All of BarterPays! internal marketing and promotion is free. Your barter broker will do a complete spending analysis with you on your current purchasing as well as projections for your business in the future. You can spend your trade in many of the same ways you spend your cash. If your products or services are in high demand, we are happy to call you first and tell you who is looking to purchase from you and what their needs are. This way you can decide if you can handle more business and know ahead of time what the job entails.

How should I price my products and services?
Charge fair retail value at all times for your product or service. You do not need to honor coupons or special sales offered to cash customers, but the price you charge must be a reasonable price you sell at every day on the retail market. A barter dollar is equal to a U.S. dollar.

Is it legal?
Barter income is treated the same as cash income. There are no tax advantages or disadvantages to bartering. Trading should be considered a marketing tool, not a tax tool. BarterPays! Inc. provides your company with a 1099B of all Network sales transactions in each calendar year. Cash purchases that are normally tax deductible as business expenses are also tax deductible when purchased on trade. Consult your accountant or tax advisor.

How can I barter outside of my own city?
Trade exchanges barter with other networks to offer additional barter opportunities. We fulfill our members’ travel requests through our national reciprocal trading network.

Can I buy through the system if I don’t have enough earned trade dollars in my account?
Just like a bank, we encourage businesses to apply for a barter line of credit after the first 90 days of membership. If you qualify, you can purchase accessing a line of credit, and without finance charges.

What can I purchase in the Network?
Our full-time, full-service sales department does its best to sign up new members to constantly meet members’ requests. We even pay for member referrals as well. However, some items are more in demand than others… and those items are fairly distributed among all members. To ensure there are always enough products and services to meet your needs, your broker will guide you in the best ways to utilize your barter dollars for advertising, marketing, professional services, party planning, healthcare, entertainment and personal care.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Try us out for 90 days. If, after your trial period, you do not believe the Network is right for your business, we will refund your initial membership fee.

How do I join?
If you have more questions about how your business will fit into the BarterPays! Network, we encourage you to call us at (732) 364-4614 or fill out the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you. Otherwise, just fill out the Online Application