BarterPays! Reviews

It pays to barter with BarterPays!. But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what our members have to say…

Attract new customers!

“I have been a BarterPays! member for over 20 years and I love this company. It is so helpful in bringing new customers into my store and also helps me find local businesses like mine, who could use my business as well. I cannot think of a better way to increase my business without the expense of advertising. It’s a beautiful thing!” — Matthew Mazauskas, Kids Bedroom Gallery, Member since 1996.

“The barter girls have helped grow our business! Amazing concept, amazing service, amazing staff. BarterPays! rocks!” — Michele Nicastro, Brothers Landscaping, Member since 2013.

“BarterPays! is GREAT! It has been such an effective outlet for us to draw in customers that normally wouldn’t come to dine with us. BarterPays! allows opportunity to network with other businesses and exchange services. Very happy to be a member!” — Komegashi Too Restaurant, Member since 2013.

“BarterPays! is an AWESOME OPPORTUNITY to grow your business, save cash, and enhance your lifestyle and that of your employees or family. The ladies in the office are so supportive, helpful and knowledgeable. They are very dedicated to keeping this barter economy growing. We have saved thousands of dollars in cash!

BarterPays! is the best. They helped me start my business and keep it going.” — Lisa’s Tender Touch Dog Grooming, Member for 16 years.

“BarterPays! doesn’t just bring businesses together; they bring people together. Thanks to BarterPays! we have not only built business relationships, but made friends. No organization has been more responsible for our success.” — Rick Winch, Holistic Health Spa, Member since 1998.

“I love BarterPays!. They do a great job, I highly recommend it for small businesses looking for extra revenue to do business with other companies.” — Vin Gopal, Community Magazine, Member since 2009.

“BarterPays! has extended my reach to new customers; generally those hiring me through BarterPays!, would not have known or considered my company. And the barter gals are great!” — Tony Baumer, BD Movers, Member for 13 years.

“I signed up for BarterPays! on a free trial for my business. I am a convert! I have gotten many great customers through BarterPays! and have been able to use those barter dollars toward things I wanted but didn’t have the cash for (like advertising). If you’ve wondered about doing this, I encourage you to give it a try!” — Pinot’s Palette, Member for 5 years.

Think outside the box! Win-win!

“Everyone in the office is wonderful to work with. Many of my BarterPays! customers have been with me as long as I’ve been with BarterPays!. I’ve also gained cash customers through referrals from my barter customers. It’s a win win!” — Susan Hordych, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, Member since 2003.

“The barter girls have helped grow our business! Amazing concept, amazing service, amazing staff. BarterPays! rocks!” — Michele Nicastro, Brothers Landscaping, Member since 2013.

Great barter company that always thinks “win-win” when it comes to matching buyers and sellers together. Even though we are one of their smaller clients, [they] always make me feel like I am her only client.” — Eric Udler, New Jersey Home Show, All Show Service, Member since 2017.

Nice alternative to ca$h.” — Paul Nebb, Titan Technologies, Member since 2017.

Top professionals participate and run the Network!

“What a great group of business owners that are part of BarterPays!. The barter gals at BarterPays! are the real deal and help you grow your business and save $$$.” — Paul Greenberg, Money Mailer of Coastal Monmouth.

BarterPays! is a great network. Faye and her team of brokers make it easy to spend barter dollars because of the quality and breadth/extent of the network they have built. I highly recommend them.” — Bill Cowley, Cowley’s Pest Control, Member since 1996.

“What I’ve been most impressed with is the amazing customer service I’ve gotten from each and every person in the barter office and the way they promote their members. They are friendly, upbeat, helpful, and welcoming, and their enthusiasm is absolutely contagious.” — Joanne Ott Colella, Colella Communications.

“Our company, Party Perfect has been a member of BarterPays! for many years now and it has been nothing short of a 5 star experience. Everything about the organization is top notch, not only from their network of vendors, but to the customer support in the office that has aided in the growth of our company. I would highly recommend BarterPays! for any business looking to increase sales, increase their visibility, and increase their networking reach to other fellow reputable businesses both near and far. The difference that separates BarterPays! from other local [barter] businesses in my opinion is the large amount of quality vendors in the group. I highly recommend BarterPays! and if I could rate them 10 stars I would!” — Michael Bain, Party Perfect Rentals, Member since 2007.

“BarterPays! is like Angie’s List. You are great. You refer the best qualified professionals. I love doing business with BarterPays!.” — Eileen Gould, Money Mailer Direct Mail Envelope and Certified Protection Security Systems, Member since 2016.

I’ve been in other barter groups before. BarterPays! is the best one I’ve ever been in. I recently needed over $2,000 in auto repairs and it was all done through BarterPays! at 100% barter. All I paid was the state sales tax. Next, my wife and I are planning a weekend getaway. Trust me, join them, you’ll love it.” — George Louvis, My Social Media USA.

“I have been a member of BarterPays! for a number of years and can attest that the ladies run quite a bartering network! I love being a part of a Class A organization and couldn’t be happier! They are all so easy to work with and are so devoted to helping us grow our business! Kudos to you Barter Pays!! 5 stars for sure!!!” — MJ’s Auto Repair, Member for 10 years.

“BarterPays! is the best way to network and grow your business.” — Neil Seidman, Gold-N-Time Jewelers, Member since 2000.

“I am very happy with the network of professionals. It is run very professionally and I have used many skilled businesses and have been very happy with them. I would highly recommend BarterPays!.” — Dave Fisher, Ace Home Improvements, Member since 2009.

“Take it from me, someone who is in multiple barter exchanges. BarterPays! has the most members; BarterPays! has been around here the longest; BarterPays! is the group I utilize more than any of the others; and BarterPays! office is fully staffed; there is always someone there to talk to and help me.” Testimonial to local chamber-of-commerce organization, 2019. — Medical doctor, Member since 2008.

“I just wanted to let everyone know that BarterPays! is a Class A operation, and we would recommend them highly!! Great staff and a great operation!!” — Scott Nelson, Oceanside HVAC & Air Doctors, Member since 2018.

“We at Ristorante Maietta have been a BarterPays! customer for over 10 years and have to say BarterPays! is an excellent barter service.” — Ciro Maietta, Ristorante Maietta, Member since 2008.

“Such an honor to be in the same organization with strong and professional businesses that BarterPays! gets together. They are amazing! If you own a small business you must call them for a consultation. Or better yet, join right away.” — Inna Lukyanovsky, Real Health Solutions, Member since 2013.

“WE LOVE BARTERPAYS!. BarterPays! has high standards for all its members and they are always willing to help. They are always available, personally picking up their phones anytime we call. We have never gotten a voice mail. In fact, they will book the car service, order the flowers, arrange for the landscaper and more. We have used hundreds of their services and thousands of dollars with BarterPays!. We have only had positive experiences and we are happy to receive barter customers, and still give all the discounts that apply just as if a customer wasn’t using barter. BarterPays! also does free advertising and sells our business year round. They are a terrific, professional barter group! You should try them, you have nothing to lose, except customers.” — CJ, Country Roads Day Camp and Yellow Duck Preschool, Member since 2005.

Love the BarterPays! gals. Always a pleasure to speak with and always provide great customer service.” — Michelle Maietta, Ristorante Maietta, Member since 2008.

“I am one of its original 50 members in 1993…. I have seen it grow to New Jersey’s premier barter exchange. One of the factors contributing to BarterPays! success is its insistence on quality and fair trading. Even though there has been larger national trade exchanges around for awhile, they stress 100% barter and discourage inflating prices, making BarterPays! a quality place to do business.” — Joe Lypowy, Lypowy Studio Photography and Video, Member since 1993.

“BarterPays! is wonderful. They have brought lots of new business to me that I never would have had if I didn’t join. They are the best around. If you own a business and are looking for more customers, call them and listen to what they have to say.” Steven Metz, Central Jersey Pools, Member since 1996.

The best around! Excellent selection and amazing, friendly staff.” — Alexis Keller recommendation

“BarterPays! is a great company. They are always promoting your company and want to see their members do well and grow! The staff is very helpful with anything you need!” — Tom Mirabella, Wingman Planning, Member since 2009.

Great company!” — Bruce O’Neil, Pro Lawn Care, Member since 2018.

“Everyone at BarterPays has been so helpful and kind! They have brought so much exposure to our small business!” — Melanie Fabbri, Amici Pizzeria

No regrets!

“Thank you, Faye. You are a great person to work with. I was 26 years old when I signed up for barter. Went from a one-man operation to now over 100 employees and 26,000 clients. Some things in life we would do differently, looking back, but joining your network is not one of them. I made a lot of friends in the barter network.” — Vinny Sessa, NJ Best Irrigation, Lawn, Fencing, Member since 1999.

“We’ve never regretted being a member of BarterPays!. We have found the best business through their referrals and we have gained a lot of customers. We have had big ticket items taken care of through barter, such as installing and maintenance of irrigation system, new carpet, high tech surveillance system, new wood steps, granite, and so much more! We highly recommend joining if you have a business. You will not be disappointed!” —Jennifer Mays, Detail Medic & Anthony’s Chicken, Member since 2011.

Joining this barter group was one great decision! I have seen new business from awesome clients, I have gotten and referred cash clients. I am excited to have been able to do lots of things that normally I could not do like having my Christmas lights on my house done, sprinklers on my home, catering and a full kitchen renovation. Needless to say I am very happy to be a part of this amazing group. The owner and all the staff at the office know me by first name they are personable and warm from my very first call . I felt welcomed immediately upon meeting Lisa . Thank you all.” — Jeffrey Echandia, Rose of Sharon Florist, Member since 2018.

“I want to tell you how delighted I am to be part of BarterPays!. It was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made.” — Harry Levin, Levin Cyphers, Attorneys-at-Law, Member since 2016.

“The girls in the office are great; anytime we call they help us right away. We have made some great business relationships because of BarterPays!. We have had positive experiences with all the companies we have interacted with in the network. One of the best decisions we made was to join BarterPays!.” — Robin Bacigalupi, Fulltime Vending, Member since 1997.

It pays to be a member of BarterPays!!! I have been with BarterPays! for over 20 years and love it. I save thousands in cash by using the barter system. I have had kitchen cabinets installed, electrical, painting, carpet cleaning, dental work done, the list goes on and on. Excellent way to add to business and save cash. All the ladies at BarterPays! are very helpful. Give them a call and sign up today; you will be glad you did.” — Christopher, Plumber, Member since 1998.

“After being a long time member of BarterPays!, I can honestly say that I have yet to find a down side. I have worked with dozens of BarterPays! members and their children. For every BarterPays! client, come many wonderful recommendations. When I recall signing up with BarterPays! so many years ago, I thought I would just give it a try. However, it has now become a part of my daily life. I just want to thank you and your wonderful staff for always being so helpful and supportive.” — Alan Kurland, Alan Kurland College Counseling, Member since 2000.

“Signing with your company was one of the best decisions of my career!” — Dr. Maureen Kubisz, Total Pet Hospital.

And some regrets.

“Our member customers are such nice people and the office staff is extremely accommodating. My wife, Judy, is getting her new kitchen (100% barter!) and we’re all getting fit and trim with our bartered personal trainer. Join BarterPays!. We wish we knew about BarterPays! earlier.” — Steve Gorlin, Gorlin Pools, Member since 2006.

“I’m changing EVERYTHING we do to barter! We’re very happy. Wish I did this sooner, and listened to you guys when I first met you!

Here's why I joined BarterPays!:

“Here’s why I joined BarterPays!: I started a computer service business and needed to rapidly build up my list of references. It was easier to market directly to barter customers, especially with the BarterPays! team selling for me as well. My first BarterPays! customer referred me to a cash customer who has been consistently using our services for over 20 years.” — Rich Pezzullo, Member for 27 years.

“Here’s why I joined BarterPays!: I had more time than business. I joined and was able to fill up more of my time with barter clients that would have been wasted. I met many good clients who I’ve had very long relationships with.” — David Sachs, Attorney-at-Law, Member since 2001.

Thank you!

Thanks again for all your referrals!! We really appreciate all the effort you put into making your customers happy. We sure are one of them. xoxox.” — Patricia Mazza, Dry Solutions, Member since 1999

Thank you, BarterPays!. We truly appreciate your support and membership of more than 20 years, not to mention your valuable contribution to helping local businesses in our area grow. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and progress!” —Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce, Member since 2004.

Don't miss out!

“I am so happy to do business with BarterPays!. I have done over $100,000 in business with them. It is such a good way to network with other businesses and to save your cash and build your business. Every business owner should be doing barter and BarterPays! does most of the barter-work for you!” — Dr. Tony Garrow, Garrow Wellness Center, Member since 2008.

“Our dental lab business has benefitted so much by having BarterPays! as another great business tool; I believe that EVERY business can benefit by being a member, it saves you ‘cash’ and builds your business, not to mention having fun while doing it! I strongly recommend looking into joining! Our dental lab has belonged to several barter exchanges, and has had the experience of bartering over half million dollars to date! Without question, BarterPays! and their staff, has been a tremendous value to our personal lives and our business. To us, the BarterPays! dollars are easily as valuable as CASH! BarterPays! is the one barter exchange where you will want to get in the dollars faster than you spend it, because you are offered so much to spend it on!” — Marc Daichman, Asteto Dent Labs, Member since 1998.

“I love it!! The staff is always a pleasure to work with and always find the time to offer help with promoting my business or a referral within the network! Highly recommend!!! What are you waiting for??? Give the barter girls a call!” — Angie Haddad, Café 360, Member since 2006.

“Why not give yourself a business advantage today by getting on board with BarterPays!. Our business has had a relationship with them for 20 years and whenever there has been those inevitable ups and downs BarterPays! has been there to help us through the slow times and even prosper in the good times. When the economy lags and there is not much cash available it’s comforting to know you are in a network where you can trade goods and services in order to keep afloat. This is not just a great marketing and business tool it also can be an insurance policy to hedge the economy. And should things get a little stressful for us we take advantage of the extensive network of restaurants, bars and other leisure activities available through the network. So give yourself a break, give your business a leg up and give yourself some peace of mind and join today.” — Rick Winch, Holistic Health Spa, Member since 1998.